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The start of a new woolly adventure

Welcome to our blog. We can not believe the amount of support and encouragement we have received in the last month since we launched Wool is the Answer.

Wool is the Answer was born from a love of all things creative and woolly. We finally took the plunge to start our business as we ran out of excuses why we shouldn't!

We are starting off slowly and chose to stock West Yorkshire Spinners yarn as we love the fact they are a British brand and of course their wool is divine. We have a selection of their 4 ply yarn as we love the colours and are avid sock and shawl knitters. We were also tempted by the soft squidginess of their bright colours in the DK Wensleydale range.

Our true passion is of course is creating our own colours and this is something that we will continue to focus on. We decided to sell our hand dyed yarn as cakes so that they are ready for you to use. We stand by our motto: "WE BAKE, WE CAKE, YOU MAKE"

We plan to share lots of photos with you of our lovely wool, along with items that have been made from them. Please send us any photos of the wonderful things you are making for us to share.

Here are a few suggestions of WYS yarns that compliment our own hand dyed yarn. Enjoy!!

Lots of love Lulu xxxx

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