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Welcome to our blog. We have had an exciting few weeks and our minds are filled with lots of exciting new projects for Wool is the answer. We visited the wool festival at Armley Mills in Leeds and we hope that we can have a stall there next year, along with other locations in the UK.

We have added solid colours to our hand dyed range and these all compliment our hand dyed yarns. We are looking at putting together co-ordinating yarns in a pack for you to use to make socks and shawls.We have also included a range of sparkle yarn to our collection too and this will hopefully grow over the coming months.

All our yarns are caked and ready for you to use. WE BAKE, WE CAKE, YOU MAKE.


I know it's only June but we have been designing our beautiful Christmas sparkly yarn which will form the basis of our 12 Days of Christmas exclusively designed shawl. This will be available as a selection of co-ordinating hand dyed yarns for you to knit into our shawl. There will be twelve cakes of yarn for you to use over the twelve days of Christmas. Stocks will be limited so we will be advertising soon for you to pre order.

Don't forget this Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day, where will you be knitting? Share your photos on our Facebook site, it would be great to see where you all are. Check out the events website at

Lots of love Lulu xxxx

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