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To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III in 2023 we are launching our first Blanket Club and Make Along.


We will be creating seven new tonal solids for each Monarch from Queen Victoria to King Charles III. Each tonal solid will be released every month with the last installment arriving in October 2023.


This is a preorder for the 7th Months installment which will be King Charles III


May : 100g DK Tonal Solid £16.00

June: 100g Tonal Solid, 100g Undyed and gift £35

July: 100g DK Tonal Solid £16.00

August: 100g Tonal Solid, 100g Undyed and gift £35

September: 100g DK Tonal Solid £16.00

October : 100g DK Tonal Solid £16.00



You will receive by 1st October 2023:


1 x 100g Tonal Solid DK PLATINUM SOCK: 75% Superwash Merino 25% Nylon approx 225m


The finished blanket will require 7 x 100g DK Tonal Solid and 3 x 100g DK Undyed


There is no obligation to buy each month but the seven installments will create a beautiful blanket.


The blanket can be either knitted or crocheted and you will receive the pattern for both options with the first installment. It will be a simple chevron pattern which will be repeated using the tonal solids and an undyed yarn.


The finished knitted blanket will measure approximately 115cm wide by 150cm long

The finished crocheted blanket will measure approximately 107cm wide by 125cm long

BLANKET CLUB: Month 7 - King Charles III

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